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Assessing the impact of market disruptive forces
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The annual WNS Business Disruption and Readiness Survey identifies the top corporate risks for 2016 and beyond, based on the responses of more than 300+ senior Finance executives (including 100+ CFOs) across a cross section of industries from North America, Europe and Asia Pacific
Business disruptions are caused by various factors such as increase in competition, evolving customer expectations, stringent regulations and disruptive digital technologies
Natural consequence of the above is the reduced longevity of companies with inability to adapt

A lot has been said and written about the quickening pace of innovation and disruption in business. According to the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, from 1955 to 2014, 88 percent of Fortune 500 companies have either ceased to exist or fallen off the Fortune 500 list. Another study reveals that the lifespan of a company listed on the Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500 index has reduced from an average of 30 years in the 1990s to around 18 years now. Billions of dollars of valuation are being wiped out in a matter of years, and size and market share are no longer buffers against newer business models, or regulatory conundrum.

Companies across industries are trying hard to make sense of the shifting forces in markets, governments and consumer societies. While the need to achieve agility and market responsiveness is clear, organizations need to move away from analyzing historical patterns and adapt to a more real-time, data-based mode of understanding current and future changes. Prioritizing and investing in the right change levers is key to survival, and this is where an objective assessment of the forces at play can help businesses achieve readiness against disruption.

The WNS Business Disruption Measure (BDM) is a leading indicator that determines the degree of impact of macroeconomic, industry-level, market stress factors on a company’s operating ecosystem in the medium to long-term horizon. BDM encompasses six market headwinds and triggers (Business Stability Disruptors or BSDs), which contribute to the recent changes in business conditions and performance. The indicator has been developed based on a custom research study conducted among 300+ senior finance executives (including over 100 CFOs) across a cross-section of industries.  

Access our infographics and read our full report to identify the most important disruptors in your industry. More importantly, we will, in near future, discuss about key business readiness levers such as operating model design, digital transformation and actionable analytics. Greater focus on readiness levers will throw up business transformation opportunities for organizations to tackle the accelerating rate of external changes.


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