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A Credible Thought Leadership Platform For Companies Looking To Transform Their Strategies And Operations By Aligning With Today’s Realities And Tomorrow’s Disruptions

WNS DecisionPoint  WNS DecisionPoint™

Making key decisions that improve business performance requires more than simple insights. It takes deep data discovery and a keen problem-solving approach to think beyond the obvious. As a business leader, you must have access to information most relevant to you that helps you anticipate potential business headwinds and craft strategies that can turn challenges into opportunities and lead to favorable business outcomes.

WNS DecisionPointTM is a one-of-a-kind thought leadership platform that tracks industry segments served by WNS and presents thought-provoking original perspectives based on rigorous data analysis and custom research studies. Coupling empirical data analysis with practical ideas around the application of analytics, disruptive technologies, next-gen customer experience, process transformation and business model innovation, WNS aims to arm you with decision support frameworks based on ‘points of fact.’ Drawing on our experience from working with 350+ clients around the world in key industry verticals, and knowledge collaboration with carefully selected partners including Knowledge@Wharton, each research asset draws on ‘points of fact’ to come up with actionable insights with the goal of bringing the future forward.

Group CEO’s Message

Keshav Murugesh

— Keshav Murugesh
    Group CEO, WNS Global Services

WNS DecisionPointTM is a culmination of our industry expertise acquired over the years in engaging and partnering with top global corporations on diverse and complex business process and analytics related requirements. It promises to “Bring the Future Forward” and empower organizations to prioritize and execute strategic ideas in alignment with today’s realities and tomorrow’s disruptions.

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